For your dog's dining pleasure..

Sanitiser Survival Packs

#1 Hand Sanitiser (250ml refill) & Toilet Paper (300m)

#2 Hand Sanitiser (250ml refill), Toilet Paper (300m), Hotel Disinfectant (250ml)

#3 Hand Sanitiser (250ml refill) & Hotel Disinfectant (250ml)

Hand Sanitiser


Toilet Paper



Check out our "Essential Items" for humans.

We have these listed to help out our decimated hospitality friends - we do not wish to make anything from these. And also for our customers who cannot source them or can't get out.

We understand some of these items are re-appearing in some supermarkets - and not others. When found they can cheaper. Buy them when you find them! Our hospitality colleagues are trying their best to source these cheaper and as soon as they do - if they can - we will pass on, so check in on this page regularly.

These are here for people who can't source them (or can't be bothered going to a supermarket 20 times a week - kind of defies the point of all this). The intel is they will disappear again once the shops have increased their traffic again.


Masks (coming soon)